Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vintage Iron on Monograms & French ads....

So I found these iron on monograms at a little antique store in North Ga. the last time I was up at my Aunt's get-away-from-it-all cabin in the mountains. I knew what I'd use them for the minute I laid eyes on them. Getting around to actually doing it was another matter. I think I could make jewelry for a year or two without leaving my studio, but where's the fun if you can't hunt down interesting, cool new stuff? I would go crazy. I get an adrenaline rush everytime a new idea hits. The time has finally come for these sweet letters, and these are very limited as they are the real deal. By that, I mean "really old". I lost several due to fragile, tearing paper. I do have several more than these, probably 20-25 total. Some are upper case, some lower. Some are bigger (approx. 1") and some are just larger charms (7/8") If you're interested in a letter you don't see here, let me know, and I'll see what I have. I hope to have them all added to the website soon, but I also know I don't always get to it as fast as I plan on. The reverse of these is maps of Paris. They aren't vintage. They are the maps we used while we were there. That's why you see some with circles on them because it was on our scheduled visit.
Secondly, there are vintage French replica ad jewelry. These are each one different sizes. I will, hopefully, have these posted individually on the website soon.

Happy Spring!

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Abbie said...

So pretty! I love the antique monograms! They are really unique.

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