Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vingo ~ Jour Jolie!

Today's word is :

Mercury Glass

I'm reposting this because today's sale is for a CUSTOM Jour Jolie! It will be similar to this one, but you can tell me what theme and colors you prefer. This is a handmade piece, so I won't be doing a sale on these again anytime soon. I'm only doing it for Vingo. These are reg. 65.00. Today only, it will be 52.00. You will use, and enjoy this so much. I guarantee it. I love mine, and keep it by my bed. Now, I wonder how I lived without it for so long! Here's the original post....

I absolutely love things that are beautiful, yet serve a purpose. This is how "Jour Joli" was born. It basically means "Everyday Beauty" I needed a holder of some kind for my bedside table to hold my cell phone, ipod, etc.. So, I figured why not make it beautiful, and something that will help me to a.)always have a place for my phone b.)listen to music c.) watch movies on my phone or ipod, or d.) to hold other things, like my business cards. I made it with spaces on either side for cords for charging. It also has silver little arms for holding the phone/ipod in place so it won't slide off. The vintage rose paper is over 100 years old. It is the original. These can be custom ordered with monograms, words/names, different themes, masculine styled, and whatever ideas you might have.. I love hearing other people's ideas! The silver has been aged, but can be made in a bright silver. It's made from non-toxic, lead-free silver. Each one will be slightly different as these are hand cut, hand crafted.

Hope your day is full of everyday beauty as well~

Simply Lovely