Monday, July 28, 2008

Welcome to my studio!

I wanted to show you my little spot in the world where I create my designs. It's one of my favorite places to be. Things that can always be found here(besides my husband and kids) are: 1.)chocolate!! 2.)a cup of hot tea 3.)fresh flowers 4.)pretty, soothing music! 5.)candles burning- from my good friend Deanna-Cagle Creations. They are the best soy candles you have ever smelled in your life! 6.)My dog, Mia. Anyway, I think that's probably why I love this space so much is because it is a collage of my favorite things. All of my vintage papers, books, broken estate jewelry,old sheet music, dried rose petals,my favorite magazines, my comfy chair make this room what it is- a special place full of everything I love the most.
So come on in and relax. The tea kettle's on. I only wish you could really pop in and chat over a cup of tea with me. Even though we've only met through blogland, so many of you are my good,sweet friends. I wish you all continued success and many years of inspiration and creativity!

p.s. I also have a few new designs added here. I plan on having another give-away soon!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Week one

The first week of the Jane Austen Book club is here and we have read chapters one and two. Thank you to those who have joined the club with me! I have enjoyed reading it already. We already have the beginnings of the obsessive matchmaking by Elizabeth's mother. Mr. Bingley is the new man in town. Hmmmmmm......This week it's chapters three and four.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jane Austen book club

I know I've been away for awhile, but I have been soo busy! We've had company and have been working to remodel my studio space with new paint, etc. I will be posting pics soon of my studio and giving you a little tour of where I work. I have missed blogging and all my sweet blogger friends and hopefully now I can be back in the swing of things! I'm also working on some new jewelry designs that I'll post soon.
I had an idea that I would start a Jane Austen Book Club. I love Jane Austen and never seem to have enough time to read like I want to. I thought if I started a little club those of you who love her too may want to join me. I plan on reading slowly at 2 chapters a week. I know that's slow, but if I were to plan anything faster I probably will quit. Two chapters a week is something I can swing. So, here's the official beginning! I'm starting Pride & Prejudice and will blog about it next Friday. I want to read all her books eventually. We can even have discussions about what we read that week. I think it'll be fun. Put on the tea kettle, brew your favorite tea and enjoy a little summer reading by a great and talented author.

Hugs to you~

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!!

I love my country. I'm proud to be an American. God bless the USA!!!Let's remember those who are serving our country right now and who are away from their families.
Enjoy your fourth of July!

Simply Lovely