Saturday, January 29, 2011

Valentine, you're on my mind...

Goodness, where did Christmas, New Years, and January go? Here we are with Valentine's Day right around the corner. I have added some new pieces that I think should make for some easy *cough* husband shopping if certain people let him know. wink wink. :) I love Valentine's Day because it's nice to feel loved and give love in return. I wonder who St.Valentine was anyway? Something to google later in all my free time. I have tons...

I've already added the new Valentine and just the new stuff to the website, so hang a right and check it out. Click on Ellenay Designs first. They will be under the left hand tabs of Divine Designs & Vintage. Here's a sneak peek at a few...

I have more that I'll add on Monday. I can still do custom and have them ready in time if you contact me soon. Also,if you order(any order) off the website, you get free shipping!

Goodnight Love...xo

Monday, January 3, 2011

Yep, it's time...Day 1

I know this is my blog about my jewelry, but I wanted to let you know about something cool I'm doing on my other blog, Through the Vintage Garden, I'm doing a daily post update on my progress. If you want to join for free, Ivillage is doing a 6 week weight loss program starting today through Valentines Day. Leslie Sansone hosts this, and I love her. I have tons of her dvd's and they really do work for anybody. All I have to do is be consistent, so that's the plan. If I post my progress daily, it'll help me stay on track. I hope! Come on with me and post your results too! It'll be fun. Go here to check it out.

P.s. This dvd pictured is one of my favorite workouts. It's a different one each day and even comes with a menu for the week. I'm starting with this one.


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