Thursday, December 10, 2009

Broken China & a little Sound of Music

I made a necklace out of one of my favorite plates that met an untimely death. I seriously love this pattern, so I'm so happy to see it live on as something beautiful. It's made from an antique Blue Willow plate. Have a friend who loves this pattern? Why not get them a unique Christmas gift that is personal and special.
It comes with the chunky chain.
Also unique is my Swiss cross/Edelweiss necklace straight from Switzerland. My husband has a friend who just returned from a trip there, and he gave me this beautiful paper. I immediately saw it as a necklace. The word underneath means cross. The reverse side features the Country's flower, edelwiess. You may remember the song from the Sound of Music. It happens to be one of my all-time favorite movies.
We just finished watching Little Women, the newer version. It's my daughter's favorite. We love, love, love it. It makes me want to make popcorn and cranberry garlands like we always did at Christmas time. It's the simple things that stand out. I couldn't name the presents I received every year, but I always had fun making memories of the things we did together. Enjoy your special memories, and don't forget to make new ones.

Warm hugs & a cup of hot chocolate~


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas is coming!

Hi everyone! Are you as excited as I am that Christmas is just around the corner? Yes, I know that causes a certain amount of stress, but hey, it's time to enjoy the season. I want to celebrate Jesus' birthday, the fact that He even came to die just amazes me. It is the greatest gift we could ever be given. He gave Himself. In the midst of shopping, wrapping, decorating, cooking/baking, I hope you do take the time to remember why we do it all. It gets so trite to hear "Jesus is the reason for the season", so I don't want to hear that without truly feeling the meaning.
My Mom has a Nativity that sits on a small round table. My daughter's favorite thing to do is sit and play with it. She could play with it for hours on end. She always talks for the characters, and acts out the story. It is such a beautiful thing to watch. I love it.
I have several new items, and I will be offering overnight shipping for the same price as priority to all you last minute shoppers starting Monday! I also have Christmas ornaments available. Just send me the photos you would like, as well as the year. On sale now for 30.00. Email me with the letter of the one you would like below, and I'll send you an invoice. The two items listed on the post below are both sold. (Vintage gypsy and French collage)
More pieces coming soon!

Have a wonderful week!
a.) "Red" made from swarovski crystals 1" x 5/8" ~20.00
b.) "Red reverse"
c.) "Scarlet" ~15.00
d.) "Christmas snowflake"made from stained glass and crystal 1" square ~22.00
e.) "Christmas jewel" size is 1" x 5/8" ~15.00
f.) "Christmas photo ornament" 3" x 1" ~30.00
g.) "Christmas cross ornament" 2" x 3" ~20.00
h.) "Pink Fairy"~ 1" x 5/8" made with swarovski crystals ~20.00
i.) "Christmas stamp collage"~ sale~30.00

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cyber sale-new items!

The Cyber sale runs all week until Saturday night,and as promised, here are two new items. These are one-of-a-kind-items, so it's first come, first served. The Vintage Gypsy necklace is made up of several vintage necklaces with lots of bling(even swarovski crystal), french coin, pearls, and a metal cross. It measures approximately 20" long, and is somewhat adjustable. {reg.68.00} 51.00 this week only.
The French shadowbox necklace is approximately 1.25" square and has a metal fleur de lis on top of vintage french papers and text. The reverse is vintage french text. It is also one-of-a-kind.{reg.52.00} 39.00 this week only.

Both of these come beautifully packaged and ready for gift-giving whether for yourself or a friend.

Have a great week!

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