Thursday, December 10, 2009

Broken China & a little Sound of Music

I made a necklace out of one of my favorite plates that met an untimely death. I seriously love this pattern, so I'm so happy to see it live on as something beautiful. It's made from an antique Blue Willow plate. Have a friend who loves this pattern? Why not get them a unique Christmas gift that is personal and special.
It comes with the chunky chain.
Also unique is my Swiss cross/Edelweiss necklace straight from Switzerland. My husband has a friend who just returned from a trip there, and he gave me this beautiful paper. I immediately saw it as a necklace. The word underneath means cross. The reverse side features the Country's flower, edelwiess. You may remember the song from the Sound of Music. It happens to be one of my all-time favorite movies.
We just finished watching Little Women, the newer version. It's my daughter's favorite. We love, love, love it. It makes me want to make popcorn and cranberry garlands like we always did at Christmas time. It's the simple things that stand out. I couldn't name the presents I received every year, but I always had fun making memories of the things we did together. Enjoy your special memories, and don't forget to make new ones.

Warm hugs & a cup of hot chocolate~



diana huff said...

oh i love the edelweiss necklace! so pretty. when i saw it i immediately thought of the song (i love that song). hope you guys have a great Christmas and new year!

Cathy said...

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Yup, it is.

Please join me in my very first "Amour Valentine Swap". It's going to be easy, peezy and so much fun.

Just drop on over to my blog for the details, then send me an email if you'd like to participate. The more the merrier.



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