Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sparkly Desk

I just loved the way these glittering, vintage jewels sparkled under my work light on my desk. They are waiting to be added to my jewelry to give it that extra something special. I search high and low for the most beautiful vintage jewelry to use. I find them at estate sales, goodwill, flea markets, even antique stores. I've made friends with my shop in town and she generously sets aside broken pieces for me to purchase at a discount. Soon they will be dangling from a collage piece, broken china or wherever they look best. Watch for them coming soon.


Roxie said...

Hi Lori. You know I love your designs. I always take a peek every now and then to see what new pieces you've done. I love the pic of Mia, she is adorable. I also have a pooch that literally lays on my feet. I think she is making sure I don't go anywhere.

Pat Fidler Photography said...

Such a beautiful blog!! Love your gorgeous jewelry! Always a delight to see what's new! And of course I love the lovely necklace you made me!!

Simply Lovely