Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I've been tagged!!

The lovely Amy of Razzpizazz boutique tagged me and I was so honored. I always find it interesting to read these about everyone else. So here goes.....

1.Name your two favorite scrapbooking topics.
That would be my kids and holidays.
2.What are two of the best places you have been to?
Well, I would definitely say Venice and Paris.
3.Name two things you do everyday.
I drink coffee with my husband without fail and I always tell my family I love them.
4.Name two things that pretty much everyone knows about you.
That I am a christian and that I always love to laugh and have fun.
5.Name two places you wish you could visit.
Florence and Switzerland
6.Two things you may not know about me are....
I am deathly, insanely afraid of dogs even though I own an 80 pound german shepherd!
I have a strange obsession with buying journals and daytimers.
7.Name two nicknames you have ever had sometime in your life.
Lolo and Sweet Pea
8.Name two interesting jobs you have had (good or bad)
I have had soo many jobs in my life, but one job I had, I gave out free samples of fresca in a grocery store. I also worked in banking for many years and missed being robbed twice by strange "coincidences." One, I was supposed to fill in at another branch and then they cancelled it. They were robbed that day. (I was 8 months pregnant at the time) The second time, we were robbed the day after my last day on the job.
9.What are your top two fun things to do after work?
I homeschool and work out of my home studio, but for fun I love to watch the food network and try new recipes. I also love family night with pizza and a movie.
10.Name two things you would like to learn.
I want to learn how to play the violin. My dad bought me one and I have yet to start taking lessons. I would also love to learn how to make stained glass.
11.What were the last two songs you downloaded?
I saw what I saw, Sara Groves and Alvin and the chipmunks for my kids!
12.What were the last 2 books that you read?
I've been reading the Redemption series by Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley.
13.What tv shows or movies from your childhood do you still enjoy watching after all of these years?
Without hesitation it's I love Lucy! I can watch it forever. Second would be watching old Bugs Bunny cartoons with the kids!

Now I'm tagging....

Roxie/ Jorabeels
Karen/ Sweet Necessi-teas
Sarah/Vintage Lily

Thanks Amy, that was fun! I hope you all have a great Easter weekend!

Warm HUgs~~


Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Hi Lori,
I love your answers! I'll have to think about mine for a day or so...

Thanks for stopping by to wish me a happy birthday. It has been a great day. "50" is not bad! Besides, 50 is the new 40--right?!

Christine/bellacolle said...

You silly girl...thank you for including me!!
hey..kinda funny but I ditto the 'scared of dogs but own an 80 pound German Shepherd'!
gosh, #4 as well..and I Homeschooled..and my goodness I looved Italy when I visited..
You rock!
Happiest and Blessed Easter to you and your sweet family.

p.s. your new designs are soo pretty!!

Simply Lovely