Saturday, August 23, 2008

The calm before the storm.....





Living in Northwest Florida, you learn real quick not to ever think a storm will follow the projected path. This crazy Fay must like Florida because she's checking out every inch of it! Last night, I enjoyed the sunset with a nice breeze blowing and a bright blue sky. It was calm and peaceful and a beautiful sunset. It was definitely the calm before the storm. This morning I awoke to cloudy skies, wind and rain whistling through the trees with forecasters telling me it will get much worse. Yipee. Our animals started acting really weird last night. It reminded me of the stories I've heard of animals sensing a storm and running away to find shelter. In our family, we have 3 kids, 1 dog (who thinks she owns us), 1 bunny, 1 bird, and 2 spoiled hamsters. It's an interesting mix. Sometimes it feels like a pet store when the hamsters are running on their squeaky wheels like their tales' are on fire and the bird is screeching and the dog is barking at the wind. Calgon-take me away!! The bunny is inside in a special cage til the storm is over. This is causing Mia, who didn't realize we had a bunny in the side garden, to be completely hysterical. I can't tell if she's excited to see a new friend (tale wagging, whining) or if she's picturing her on a plate with a napkin round her neck. Either way, it has added to the pet store craziness in my house. So, cabin fever may set in with Fay planning to be around through Monday. Hopefully, lots of tea kettles will whistle and I'll have lots of pretty new jewelry to show for it.

Trying to stay sane....
Lori xo


Anonymous said...

Praying for you...

Crossroads Cottage said...

Hope you made it through the storm a-okay and that sunny skies are headed your way!

Bella said...

Hi darlin'
hope you and your family & critters are all okay!!
I haven't forgoten about a banner..
I remember evacuating one year when we lived in took me 14 hours to go what would normally take only 4!

Ellenay Designs said...

Thanks! We made it through fine because it basically rained that one morning with a tornado warning and then...poof.. it went around us!

Tracie~MPMaison said...

So glad you made it through alright.

I believe Mia just wants to make sure the bunny is okay. At least that's what Zeke tells me she was thinking ;)

I didn't know you had so many pets. Animal people are the greatest.

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Hi Lori - Your pets are adorable!
Have a great weekend.

Simply Lovely