Thursday, November 20, 2008

Friday Flea Market Sale

Hi everyone! I am sorry I haven't had anything for sale the last 2 Fridays. I will try to be consistent so you can always find a deal each week when you stop by.
This week's sale is for my original graphic design collages by Dave Russell. Dave is a graphic designer as well as an artist and co-owns Roundhouse Design Group in Ft.Collins, Co. He makes these beautiful custom designs for me as well as the large size prints for his studio. His creations are all original designs. They are handcrafted out of lead-free, non-toxic silver and glass with swarovski crystal charms.
Retail 38.00 ea. Sale
25.00 today only
Please leave a comment with whichever design you prefer and I will send you an invoice. Shipping is free. The first is "Take Wing." The second is "Angel baby."

Von Russell Collection

Thank you and Happy Friday~

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