Monday, January 5, 2009

If only I lived closer....

I went to see my sister in Kansas City before Christmas and one thing I knew I wanted to do while out there was to go shopping at the Curious Sofa. Well.... we did and let me just say....I love the place!! I about flipped when I walked through the front door. It's just such a combination of everything I love, it almost blows the mind that it exists! I could have stayed there for hours- wait, we did!! Ha! Not really, but we could have. The coolest thing about it was my sisters were with me (so was my daughter and my sweet niece.) It was such a neat place. One pretty neat thing that I bought was a stack of old postmarked envelopes. When I got a chance to look through them later, much to my shock, one of the postmarks was my birthday! Weird! Also, there was a Valentine postmark too. If you ever go to Kansas City a stop here is a must! It won't disappoint. I hear they change it so often that it always has a new look. How I would love to go again around Valentine's Day and see all the vintage romance she probably has.
Hope you enjoy our little tour. (I have permission, by the way.)

Have a happy first week of 2009!



Sarah said...

Fun! I bet that store was so much fun to browse through. Show us what you bought. Happy New YEar!
Vintage Lily

LaundryBasketCase said...

Hi Lori,
Fab photos! What a lovely place. I could really tell they were your sisters, you all look a little bit alike (and all of you very pretty!).
Happy new year!

Simply Me Art said...

Just found your Beautiful Blog! What Beautiful Pictures, it sure looks like you ladies had a wonderful visit. Jamie

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Oh Lori, this looks like such fun. I have dreamed of going to The Curious Sofa for years. I have talked to the Curious Gals by phone to order and they're always so nice. I have to make a trip just to visit the store one day. Thank you for sharing. I loved the tour!

Simply Lovely