Saturday, April 18, 2009

Show and Tell Vintage Find

Oh me oh my! I found this fabulous chair today for my office and am in love with it! It is exactly what I've been looking for and I had to share it with you all. I have no idea how to reupholster anything, but I do know how to throw vintage pillowcases over the not-so nice parts! It had some damage to the fabric on the seat and arms. After a good cleaning in the garage, we moved to phase 2. I have a staple gun and it worked great for the arms. The seat is just my lace pillowcase sham and the back is a Battenburg lace table runner. I think it's perfect! It is amazingly comfortable and really wide and low to the ground. You just want to fall in it and relax. I'm so happy-it really doesn't take much! (Pssssst...I paid $20) Don't tell anybody I told you though. I love great finds!
O.k, now don't forget to scroll down and enter my monogram give-away. Just let me know which resin jewelry is your favorite, and your name's in the hat!


Anonymous said...

tres chic girl! I love the chair!
I see you've been very busy..gosh..I forgot to say my fave for your new collection..I love the bracelet!
Ciao bella!

Anonymous said...

Oh me oh my...I wish I were sitting in the chair spending time with my incerdible sista!
Love you,

Simply Lovely