Saturday, May 9, 2009

More Mother's Day designs...

I have added some new designs here for Mother's Day. Yes, I know it's tomorrow, but I am having a sale as most of you on facebook know. It is for everyone, and it is 25% off of everything in my "shops." That includes my website, blog, etsy store, and facebook. Any order, even gift certificates apply. You only have today and tomorrow though, so for all you last minute shoppers, this is for you. Photo necklaces are a breeze to order. You email me the photos you'd like used, and I do the rest. I have a sample of a custom family photo pendant here. Your order will come custom wrapped in a decorative tin. Missed Mother's Day? Plan ahead and order for birthdays, graduations, even Christmas. It takes about one week for custom orders not including time for shipping. I always ship priority at no extra charge.
I really want to wish all the Moms a very happy, lovely Mother's Day. I'm so thankful for my sweet Mom and for all she means to me. She's a gracious, Southern, Christian woman, and I'm so very blessed to have her as my Mom. I love you Mom!

Warm hugs,

p.s.On the new fabric monograms, I have L,D,B,H,E,C,& A. They are 25.00 each.
The vintage post bracelet is made from 3, original, 1940's stamps and a letter and postmark stamp. It features antique sheet music on reverse and measures 1" square per charm. It is 85.00
The family photo necklace is 28.00. This is, of course, a custom order item.
The gold star Mother necklace is an original stamp from 1948 that bears the gold star known for a Mother with a military son. It is 35.00 and is the only one.
The crystal cross with vintage rhinestone is a shadowbox style, measuring approx. 1.5" x 1.25". It is fairly heavy with a lot of silver. It is also a one-of-a-kind. Price is 85.00


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day!
Those resin creations are amazing!!
Have a wonderful week.

Shopgirl said...

I have been coming for awhile to peek at your blog. I make these charms also, self tought. I love what you do. Have a great day,

Charlotte said...

Very pretty charms - I love each one.

Simply Lovely