Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sheer Bijou~ The Diaphanous Collection

"Sheer Bijou" ~ The Diaphanous Collection
I love French words. It just makes anything sound better. Bijou means "jewel" which is just so beautiful to me. On our quick little trip to Paris last year, this guy was obviously angry at another guy and was letting him have it. I didn't care. It sounded like he was telling a love story. I really do think it's a beautiful language and culture. If you're in the good areas, of course. On the train there, I thought someone had planned an elaborate hoax to the world about Paris. It was filthy, ugly, very graffitied, and looked run down. Then, like magic, it starts to morph into a beautiful landscape and glittering lights. What a great city.
This new line of jewelry is completely different than anything I've ever made before. The name "Sheer Bijou" suggests you can see through it. That's exactly what it is-completely see through. I used antique jewelry, buttons,broches etc. on the outside of the glass instead of in it. I buy a lot of estate sale/antique jewelry that is too large to go under glass, but that I've always wanted to use. Here's my answer to that dilema. What's really amazing about it is how it goes with everything. Whatever you have on, it's going to show through the glass.
Each one has a beautiful name that's either French or classic.

Have a fabulous week!
#1 "Isabelle" ~{one-of-a-kind}sold
#2 "Sophia"~{one-of-a-kind}
#3 "Josette"~sold
#4 "Iris"~ sold{one-of-a-kind}
#5 "Emma"~sold
#6 "Gracie"~42.00
#7 "Elise"~sold
#8 "Dorothy"~sold{one-of-a-kind}
#9 "Ruby"~sold {made from mother-of-pearl button}
#11 "Anna"~sold

Chain can be substituted for ribbon at no extra charge. Shipping is free.

Sheer Bijou


shelly said...

These are just beautiful! I like necklaces that can go with just about anything. As usual, you are sooo talented!

shauna said...

Those are gorgeous Lori!!!! Great job.

BellaColle' said...

oooh..cest chic!!

Simply Lovely