Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wed. vingo word....

is... Porcelain!

I tell you, I think I'm living in some kind of fake world where I keep pretending it's fall. I live in FLORIDA. We don't get fall until Dec.1st. Well, not really, but I'm so ready to feel a crisp chill in the air and see leaves swirling in the air when I open the front door. I've been wanting a scrolly, white, Mary Engelbreit type screen door for about 5 years. I live on a cul-de-sac, and I like to pretend it's my little "cottage out of the wind and the way". My ever so sweet husband doesn't have my vision. At all. Not even a tiny bit. He wants a glass storm door with a deadbolt. I think I might surprise him and just do it myself. I wonder if after he actually sees it what he'll think. Do you read this blog from work, babe? We'll soon find out....dun da dun...tune in to see if I will be stuck behind a glass prison with mosquitos doing a kamakaze into their reflection, or...a beautiful white, cottage style, vintage screen door that fits me soooo well....hmmmmm. I guess that had nothing to do with Vingo, but to be honest, I was getting bored just saying the word. I felt the need to express my feelings at the moment.
Anyway.... if you win..yell Vingo!! Check your words. I'll be checking them soon to see if we have a winner. By the way, this teacup is an extremely delicate porcelain that came from Germany. It was so paper thin, I was afraid to touch it. Elaine from the formerly Ivy Leaf Tea Parlour is the owner of this gorgeous teacup. She taught me that the thinner the porcelain, the more valuable the cup. Neat!

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Anonymous said...

I love fall too! We live on an inlet of the ocean and on the edge of the water are lots of trees that turn beautiful colors! I have already bought a huge rust colored mum to put out on my porch and hung my fall wreath. By the way, my mom and I visited the antique shop in Milton you featured on your other blog. It was great! The shop I enjoyed the most was the Copper Possum. It was fabulous! Have you ever been to the shop just down from the Front Porch in Niceville; I think it is on Bayshore Drive? It is packed to the brim and you can hardly get through but it is fun! Anyhoo, just thought I would share. Abbie Miller

Simply Lovely