Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let's play Vingo!!

It's Vingo time again! For those of you that remember the last time, it's a lot of fun. I'll be having tons of sales now through Christmas, so this is a great way to keep up with what's new and on sale, not to mention you may win a pretty cool prize package at the same time. "Vingo" is a word I made up that means Vintage themed Bingo. I'll give you 25 vintage themed words to choose from, you pick your 5 words, send them to me, and then, each day, I'll submit the randomly picked word for the day. If you chose that word, you mark it off(I will keep up too). The first person to reach, "Vingo" wins! This is a faster version since we're only using 25 words this time instead of 50. The prize package will be announced Cyber Monday. Just giving you a heads up so you have time to enter. Vingo will officially start on Dec.1st. Email me now if you plan to play at You have until Nov.30th (midnight cst) to enter.
Here are the 25 words. They are in the theme of "It's a Wonderful Life."
(1.)shovel (2.)coconut (3.)snowflakes (4.)buffalo gals (5.)glass (6.)Mary (7.)joy (8.)love (9.)piano (10.)honeymoon (11.)Star (12.)Mr.Gower (13.)Potter (14.)Christmas wreath (15.)Clarence (16.) George Bailey (17.)silver bells (18.)noel (19.)zuzu's petals (20.)angels (21.)Violet (22.)bridges (23.)life (24.) redemption (25.) home.
Pick your 5 words and email them to me to enter. The prize package is going to be a good one, so enter as soon as you can! Once the game starts, entry will be closed. Game starts on December 1st!

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Shana said...

Hope you received my Vingo words! :O)

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