Saturday, November 10, 2007

Le Charme Bouton

I have a beautiful memory everytime I look at my newly made "charms of button" bracelet. It reminds me of shopping with my mom & sisters because we went together the day I found these great vintage enameled buttons. My sister actually spotted them first. We had a meeting before our day began as I turned my family into shopping assistants for the different items I was on the lookout for. What's especially sweet for me is that I rarely get to go shopping with my sisters anymore now that we do not live near each other. The second unique and especially sentimental part to me is the family picture charms. I have my Dad sitting on his mother's lap (she died when he was 10) and my mother's parents with her (her mom died when she was 11). In another charm is my mom and dad's wedding photo. I happened to buy some old letters in an antique shop while on my recent trip to the mountains and I was shocked to find that several postmarks were dates of birthdays and anniversaries of ours. The postmark charm is our wedding date. So, this bracelet is a keeper as I could never part with my bracelet of memories. I will make another as I love the button idea. Before I go, I want to dedicate the song "Satie Gymnopedia #1" by Charlotte Church to my family. The words are precious and very true for me. They are always so supportive and I appreciate them so much.... "From my first moment, you gave me wings, let me fly and believed in my dreams. From that first moment you cherished me so- a journey through life would be hard without you........

I Love you~


Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Lori, /the bracelet is just beautiful--and so are the sentiments attached! Thanks for sharing.


PS Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Your work is really beautiful! I will be back!

Pat Fidler Photography said...

Ok Lori! I must have something of this nature! It is just beautiful! I want to personalize it of course. DO you think you could do this for me? You know I love you!!!

Simply Lovely