Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!!

I wanted to be sure and thank our military for all they do for us. I live in a military town and have mostly military friends. On a regular basis I see the sacrifices they make. My friends are often left to take care of their kids and homes for several months at a time all while knowing their husband could be in danger. They move often leaving friends and family behind. Sometimes, they even pay the ultimate price-losing thier loved one. To all of you, I say my deepest Thank you. Thank you for being willing to put your life on the line. Thank you for being willing to serve. To those of you who served in the past, it is to you that we owe our freedom. Because of you, we live better, richer lives. We owe you our debt of gratitude. We could never say thank you enough. We pray for you and we honor you today.
Enjoy your Memorial Day!

Much Love,


BellaColle said...

Happy Memorial Day to you too!
Thanks for remembering what this day is about.
Hope you had a wonderful day..

Tracie said...

Hi Lori,
It is so thoughtful you remembered and posted about the important day. Thank you.


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