Monday, May 5, 2008

~Pretty projects to try~

I love a bargain. If I can refinish something to be personal to my tastes, I will choose that any day over something brand new. Thrifting is an art. If you have a little vision and the right tools, you can really have some unique pieces to be proud of. I inherited some wrought iron bar stools, but I didn't like the fabric that was on them. I love french style, so that's what I used as my inspiration for the chairs. I saw a decorating show one time about painted fabric and I had my "I can do that!!" moment. I just used acrylic paint (mix together to make the shades you like best),a ruler and silver sharpie marker(the lines are easy to cover). It was sooooooo easy! They are not exactly the same, but I like it that way. The truth is, I measured a little differently on the second than the first! oops. Anyway, I seriously do like their uniqueness. After you finish painting and it's good and dry (wait 24 hrs.) Paint an all over varnish to protect your paint job. Oila'!!
Paint: $12.00, brushes:$6.00, having custom boutique barstools: priceless.....

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Crossroads Cottage said...

Wow! They look awesome. I love black and white and green together and I especially like the design. So bright and cheery! Thanks for brightening my day. :)

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