Sunday, August 23, 2009

Come play Vingo!!!!!

I made that up :) Vingo is "vintage themed bingo" and we're gonna play! I really like Bingo, and I found a bingo game at a yard sale this past weekend. It got me thinking that it would be fun to play word bingo like I played once with Make Mine Pink. Thanks, Roxie!(You gotta check out her fabulous lights! I love them!)

So, here's the details:

1.Vingo will start this Friday. You need to email me that you plan on playing- ( to be entered. If you email me, I will email you to let you know you're on the list.
2.Pick 5 words from my list of 25 and send me your words before Friday.
3.Starting Friday, I will release one word a day until "Vingo" is called. So you will need to check in on the blog to get your daily vingo word.
4.The first person to call "Vingo" gets this FREE vintage necklace "Love birds"!

Here are the words: Pick 5 randomly and email them to me.

1.rhinestones 6.beaded purse 11.porcelain 16.pearls 21.oil painting
2.cotton 7.linen 12.seashells 17.timeless 22.ruffles
3.lace 8.milk glass 13.shabby roses 18.patina 23.toille
4.apron 9.enamelware 14.teacups 19.chandelier 24.barkcloth
5.junkin' 10.silverware 15.tag sales 20.monogram 25.salvaged

Ok! Ready to play? Get busy picking your 5,emailing them to me, write them down somewhere handy and Friday we'll start the game!!! If this goes well, I'll continue the game everytime we get a winner! Fun!

Go Vingo!!

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