Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Gypsies are coming...

I've had a few exciting things happening with my little business lately. One of them is, at the Fall Flair show in Destin, the Destin Log stopped by and I actually had a little mention with a picture of Juliette(my gorgeous statue that displays my jewelry). That was pretty neat.
On the jewelry front, I have a new design in the "Vintage Gypsy" line, but this one has an Indian feel(as in Bollywood not cowboys and..) I will admit I am slightly addicted to Bollywood movies, and have actually gotten past most of the silly dancing/song scenes that they love to add. What is with the same woman's high pitched singing voice dubbed into all the songs? Still don't get that, but anyway...
This style of necklace is some of my favorite. I have several in different stages of production, and hope to have them ready soon. I've named this one "Veer~Zaara" since it was my first Bollywood introduction. I still love that movie the best so far. Ialso have...rings! These are not the rings I had before, these are rings that I am designing and making from various vintage metals. I don't have a pic yet, but, I'm hoping to have them soon. I will be having these and the Vintage Gypsy line on display at my upcoming shows. Email me if you want to know where I'll be to see them in person. The picture does not do this one justice.

Thanks! Happy Fall!
p.s. "Veer~Zaara" is on the website under "Divine Designs~the metal collection"

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