Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Today's sale & a surprise!

Hello again...late!! Story of my life. We had a small catastrophe to deal with before my son's Christmas concert tonight. No big deal, just a wardrobe malfunction-ha! Any ole' way, here's today's sale....

Here's the details on it. It is all handmade and the pendant hand painted! My sister, Sonya, paints these...this size! Is she talented or what? Basically, you're getting original artwork to wear! The fabric covered beads are, of course, gorgeous Christmas plaid. The pendant can be removed and worn seperately if you prefer. Reg. $48.00 on sale today and tomorrow only $32.50. Named, "Oh, Christmas Tree", this is a one-of-a-kind piece with vintage (1920's) sheet music on reverse.

Are you having fun playing Vingo?? Guess what just got added to the prize package? I'll give you a hint...it's my very favorite with a splash of milk...

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