Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vingo Sale Item

Here we go! Vingo officially starts tomorrow, but I'm already starting the sales. These are really discounted, Black Friday type deals, so get it fast because they won't last long. This one is from our Bella Vita Collection. It is fabric covered glass beads in a beautiful toille fabric. The pendant is double sided glass with a black and white design. These tie in the back, so the size is adjustable. Reg. 38.00, on sale today only through midnight tonight ~28.00. Use the paypal button below to purchase. Or, you can send me an email that you want it, and I will work out payment arrangements for you.
Also, meet "Lizzie", my newest dressform display. She's life sized, so that should give you some perspective on size of the jewelry.
Remember, Vingo starts tomorrow, so check in for the very first word of the game. If you haven't entered, there's still time. Send me your 5 words from the 25 words posted below (It's a Wonderful Life photo) Everyday, a new word will be added to the blog with a sale piece. If it's one of your words, mark it off your list. First person to reach Vingo, wins the Christmas gift package!

See you tomorrow!!
update~ this piece is now sold.

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