Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vingo time again!!

I've neglected my poor little blog for far too long. So, to kick things off, we are playing Vingo again, and in a big way! I have some awesome prizes for the winner. For starters, a $50.00 gift certificate for my website! (yeah, I said $50.00!),a candle from Cagle Creations, which are all natural soy, and my personal favorites! The winner will also get a bag of my favorite loose leaf tea, French Creme Brulee & a beautiful tea strainer!! Wow! The winner will be getting over $80.00 worth of free stuff!
How do you enter? Glad you asked! It's as simple as playing bingo. If you've played vingo before, you know the deal..for those of you new to it, here's how to play:

I'll be listing 30 vintage themed words. You choose 7 words out of the list, and send them to me. I'll have the master list, and each day, a word will be randomly chosen from the list of 30 words. (I use the random number generator online) The first person to get all 7 of their words, calls "Vingo" That will be our winner!

Everyday, with the vingo word for the day, there will be a new piece of jewelry featured, or a sale piece.

So, here are the words:

1.patina 11.faded denim 21.cottage roses
2.mercury glass 12.old lace
3.sheet music 13.buttons 23.casablanca
4.hearts 14.rhinestones 24.eiffel tower 15.bottles
6.vintage 26.monograms
7.chandelier 17.mosaic 27.romance
8.candles 18.french 28.swings
9.chippy paint 19.milk glass 29.puffy clouds
10.old windows 20.enamelware 30.antiques

Pick your 7 words to enter, and email them to me at: Deadline to enter is Sunday, January 15th. I will email you back to confirm that you are a vingo player. If you don't get an email from me, I don't have you in yet.

Ready, set....let's Vingo!!

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Jillian said...

So glad to see you blogging again! My list is on it's way!!

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