Sunday, October 7, 2007

~A sneeze never had it so good~

Introducing the latest addition to Ellenay Designs: vintage fabric tissue holders! These are custom made from vintage fabrics and lace and hold the travel size kleenex tissues for your purse. These will be an added feature throughout the holidays as my free gift to you for any purchase of 50.00 or more from the website. I am so pleased to have them. Becky Smith is the talented designer that creates them. There will be no two alike as we are using found vintage fabrics and accessories. I may offer them for sale also on the website in the future. I have had mine for several months now and I am never without it. It just feels nice to have something so beautiful that is otherwise quite ordinary. You could decide to throw in lipstick or other necessities that fit in nicely. I happen to have a 3 yr. old, so leaving the house without tissues is always a bad idea since they come in handy for those little accidents when you're out and about. These will come with the tissue already included. Enjoy!

Simply Lovely