Tuesday, February 5, 2008

10 unique things about sisters.......

1. love nothing more than a shopping day together.
2. tell each other things they wouldn't dream of telling another living soul.
3. honestly tell you if you look fat in those.
4. give advice when needed on any topic requested.
5. come to your rescue when you ruin your hair by dumping a box of brown hair dye on your head without a way to get to the store to fix it again (don't ask)
6. are able to tell when you're sad and trying to hide it.
7. know your insecurities and give you courage.
8. will admit to knowing your faults, but will fight someone else for saying it.
9. take you out for coffee and dessert, just because.
10.offers support and encouragement through every phase of life by being the best friend a person could ever have.

Today is my twin sister's birthday's. They are 40! I can't believe it!(They don't look it do they??) Happy Birthday sweeties. You guys are the best!

~ I love you!~xoxo


My Pink Boutique said...

How wonderful to have such beautiful and wonderful sisters! Happy belated birthday to them!


Christine said...

Yay! Happy Birthday!!

Simply Lovely