Monday, February 4, 2008

~An Ode to Victoria~

When I was about 16 years old, I became interested in anything vintage, especially Victorian. It gave me such a sense of peace and beauty to listen to classical music and decorate my room. It became my sanctuary. (This was a somewhat new phase since before this I drove my mother insane because it was never clean.) What brought on the change was a little magazine called, Victoria. I don't know how I was introduced to it, but it became my passion. I tore the pages out that were so beautiful to me they couldn't lie hidden inside being ignored. I used push pins and attached them in a checkerboard pattern to my entire ceiling. My Mom and I used to lie across my waterbed and look at it all and just enjoy the beauty while we talked. My whole room was consumed with Victorian. I loved it. I read and re-read the articles and felt such a kindred spirit with the authors. I really think it put something in me that is still with me to this day. One article was about finding what you love and then doing it. It really made me dream that I could do whatever I wanted and succeed. My family has always had this same mentality, so it certainly wasn't the first time I had heard that. But, seeing so many women fulfilling their dreams was amazing to me. One story was about a lady in Ca. who loved roses so much, she planted a field of roses and started a business with them. I remember thinking how beautiful it would be to work around thousands of roses everyday! Well, recently on our last trip to the mountains, my mom and I were out antiquing and we found the cutest litte shop. In the back, under some boxes, I found 11 back issues dating to 1988 of Victoria! I froze out of excitement! I grabbed them as fast as I could and whispered to my mom what I had found. It brought back all those wonderful memories we had together. Looking at the pages was like visiting an old friend. I have sat for hours re-reading each one. It was wonderful. So yes, thankfully, they have brought Victoria back and I am getting to enjoy it all over again. I hope I pass this love for beautiful things on to my daughter like my mom did for me.

With Love,


Anonymous said...

What a nice post! I too remember reading my mothers Victoria and Country Livings growing up. I still have never taken either of those subscriptions as I can always read hers. We were so thrilled when Victoria republished. I've never really thought about it until now...but my 5 year old loves to get cozy in bed with me and look at magazines. We always play a game of "which do you like best". I hope she develops some of the same memories I have! What a cozy feeling. Gotta go...the Celine Dion you have playing on your blog is going to make me bust out in tears over magazines! Ha. Thanks for the moment!!!!!

Christine said...

I'm so amazed at how many folks loove Victoria! I too have such fond memories of reading and re-reading this lovely magazine! I have saved some back issues as well..gosh, I probably would have done a happy dance too after finding those lovelies!!!
I know it will be a lovely memory for your daughter too! You'll have to share some of the inspiration in those issues you found...buried!lol

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Hi Lori - I have also been so inspired by Victoria magazine over the years. Do you own any of the books they published? I have to recommend all of them. A Shop of One's Own, The Business of Bliss and a Passion for Profits. I was so uspet when they discontinued the magazine. Isn't it great they're back! Enjoy the rest of your day Lori! And thanks for the nice comments about my blog header.

Simply Lovely