Saturday, October 25, 2008

Show Highlights

I'm so excited about how the craft show went today. It began with the staff walking around to the vendors offering us coffee and raspberry scones while we set up. This was a great beginning to a great show. It was very busy and we sold almost the entire new Divine Designs Collection! I was still in the process of adding them to the website, but now I will add new ones instead. I have more crosses, coins, keys etc. on the way. The First United Methodist Church is a wonderful host. I will definitely make plans to be there every year.
We had such a great time! Sarah Clauson's Photography is just gorgeous. We had fun teaming up to showcase our work individually as well as our combined effort with custom photo jewelry. My sweet friend, Jen, is one in a million! She came to the show to help me early on a Sat. morning and stayed for the show and then helped me take it all down. What an awesome, selfless friend she is. Thank you, Jen! Love ya, girl.
I look forward to making new jewelry for the Divine Designs Collection and hope to have it ready sometime this week.

Warm hugs,


Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

I am so glad it went well! Your booth is lovely!

Deanna said...

I am so excited for you Lori! I'm glad your new collection is such a big hit, as well as all of your other beautiful pieces.

Simply Lovely